Thoughts on DavidKatelynFarstadFrohlich


David Frohlich and Katelyn Farstad

A) Numbers can’t count can’t convince you me our is lean/obtuse

Respect permanence of objects soul>>?? Pff but true

Sometimes change is unnecessary

Daylight savings time….word for word

We scatter others/ourselves into a mixture that does not have a name and is not

tame and can often fall into undeniable clichés that welcome strangers and

repulses swaggerers.

A shadow and an obscuring of light from one celestial body by the passage of

another belies/between it and the observer or its source of illumination, both

begging for presence but residing in the blank spaces of drawing paintings, so

might make you want to laugh, might make you want to cry , but paying

Attention to the of things, a mark to the strength in acceptance of initial impulses

Are two artists. The collaboration way before….chagrin.

Barf tray

What were you saying?

Yesterday? What was I saying?

At it or read it just try to it quiet around you and

Pretend in your brain

Ignore context why do you want to ignore context? Well it’s about the individual

Piece not that shitty room it’s in, it’s important though

We’re thinking of to say people just understand if they do and won’t if they aren’t

Into really when there is other people around

It’s exhausting trying to think of words that will sound like how were told words

To sound so that you can feel you our waste of time to try to explain with words

What is most natural, and far from them no units or versals. Its exhausting trying

To speak (not really and yes).

I petty whims,

Structural analysis


ND (I want this somewhere in it!!)

Maybe under the rug not trying to completely

Transcend or change the pragmatics convention chance is useful for everything

Whatever or line is shape is line is is shape is the complexity of wind, though

divided by an undying gnack (gnat is a word I made up that both combines gnat

And nack) because we are all small because we are stupid because we are

Specific, this is all embarrassing.

I think some of it is useful I have bolded them do magic.

Sign whatever it is


*please turn your clocks back unless this is done “automatically” for you.